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RedisGreen released a change this week which results in 5x faster memory usage analysis - particularly helpful for customers with millions of keys to be analyzed!

Redis 5.0.3 and 4.0.12 have been the default versions for new RedisGreen databases since their release two weeks ago. We are conducting rolling upgrades of all 4.x and 5.x databases to ensure they include these new patches.

Redis 5.0.0 is live for customers who want to opt-in to the new version of Redis.

5.0 support includes monitoring of all stream commands as well as stream memory analysis for databases using memory mapping.

Redis 4.0.0 is out and fully supported by RedisGreen!

Redis 3.2 will remain the default for new servers for a while. You can choose Redis 4.0 when building a new DB to try out the new features, or contact support for a zero-downtime upgrade.