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The first version of Redis 6.0 was released today, and is available to all RedisGreen customers. Redis 5 will remain our default and recommended version for now but anyone eager to try the new release can do a zero-downtime upgrade from the “Settings” menu.

Improved backup speeds for large DBs

We improved the compression and speed of our backup system, reducing the time for snapshots to be taken and for them to appear on your dashboard.

This mostly affects customers with larger (>60GB) datasets who would sometimes see odd timings on their backups that didn’t always match up with our target 60-minute interval.

Maxmemory Settings

There’s a new interface in Settings for managing the maxmemory behavior for your databases. Most people still use volatile-lru, but volatile-lfu is becoming increasingly popular.

Simple Version Changes

Database Settings now have a new easier way to change between compatible versions of database software. You can use this interface to seamlessly upgrade between versions of Redis and try new or experimental branches.

New default settings are now available. You can choose which region to place new servers in by default, and apply a policy to always use high availability by default.

Redis 5.0.6 was released for all RedisGreen customers today, along with security patch releases for other versions of Redis.

Existing databases are all scheduled for upgrade to the new patchlevel, and new databases will receive the latest build.

Redis 5.0.5 was released as the new default version for RedisGreen databases on the 5.x series. Upgrades to existing databases will be rolled out across all existing databases over the coming days.